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The Life and Art
Katya Lekova
The Life and Art
Latest artwork
glass paintings of roman mosaic

Glass Paintings on Roman Mosaics

This new collection of glass paintings is inspired by the vast amount of incredible Roman Mosaics dated I - VI AD, which can be seen on the territory of Bulgaria.

The collection "Roman Mosaics" started as an inspiration from the Plovdiv the Small Basilica, III-IV AD. As an outcome some travelling stories were created during the research of this topic. Fortunately, there are many of the Mosaics at various places in Bulgaria, followed by dedicated work and patience.

The pleasure of experiencing the beauty remains for the spectators, as well as earning a bit of knowledge on this interesting part of the Roman Empire history.

Paintings are made with alkyd paints on glass.
Thank you, mom, for teaching us to value the beauty and raising the sense of aesthetics within us. To you we owe the beauty in our homes, classy set of tables at dinner and the love for nature.
Anna, Daughter
Latest artwork
third period

Glass Paintings

The collection "Painting on Glass" is the outcome of many hours of hard work and patience. The pleasure of the final result is enhanced by the expression of creativeness of the artist.

Paintings are made with alkyd paints on glass.
A truely amazing person!
Lubomir, Son
Latest artwork
third period

Various Glass Surfaces

This collection was developed between 2009 – 2018 and during all this time it was inspired by friends and relatives, as it was an inspiration for them, as well.

The artworks were developed as sets for different types of occasions, as gifts for friends, or as a simple expression of the artist's creative mood.

The collection is much wider than displayed, as many of the sets are already decorating private homes.

Paintings are made with alkyd paints on glass.
Pastel Paintings 1990-2005

Second Period

The collection represents the hope for brighter future and better times to come. It is a period of serious changes in the artist's personal life, as well.
The major paintings were created mainly in 1996 -2003 for the Millennium.
Oil Paintings

First Period

Developed between 1972 and 1989, the Collection represents the longing for beauty and peace.
Kate, congratulations for everything you have done! There is so much beauty and good mood in all you have been painting. Keep on bringing joy to us!
Julia Daskalova
Preparations and Artwork Each Year at Easter
since 1965

Easter Collection

"Easter is an amazing holiday, during which there are many wonderful ideas coming to me. It is time devoted to the whole family, a lot of laughter and precious moments together."
Wonderful paintings! Great mastery and it's on glass.
Prof. Anna Konova
Latest Events
2017 - 2023

Presentations of the Artworks

Latest Paintings, as well as a number of Katyas' previous oil paintings were displayed at her home in October and November 2017.

On November 24, 2017 a private exhibition was held In Boyana, Sofia. Many friends and dear guests presented. Vast majority of the paintings were sold before and during the Exhibition.

Katya celebrated her 80-th birthday at the opening of Exhibition at Evdokia Art Gallery "Inspiration", a couple of years later in 2022 she had successfully displayed her art works at the Historical Museum in Pomorie and in 2023 she is to open and exibition at the Regional Historical Museum in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria.
Поздравления и благодарности
Katya Badinska Lekova
Katya Badinska-Lekova has graduated at the University of Chemistry and Technology, Sofia in 1965 (M.Sc. chem. eng.) In 1973 she was awarded a PhD in a field of the Instrumental Analysis in Organic Chemistry. She is an assoc. prof. since 1985 in the same field.

From 1996 to 2016 she is a lecturer at the South-West University "N. Rilski", Blagoevgrad.

Katya Lekova is an author of more that 60 scientific publications, one book and 7 patents. She takes an active part in scientific forums in Bulgaria and abroad in relations to analysis and control of different chemicals and products.
She is a member of the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria, the Union of Food Industry, etc.

Katya begins painting in the early 70's of 20-th century and her first exhibition with oils is in 1981, Sofia. Then she continues with pastels and later on she uses alkyd paints on glass surfaces.

Katya Lekova paintings are in private collections in Bulgaria, Austria, Cheh republic, Germany, England, USA, etc.

She is inspired not only by the process of painting, but also by photografy, travelling, music and, most of all, by her family.
"Project 2017 is related mainly to the creation of painting on glass and it combines painting and photography.

I hope that with drawing on glass and the different themes, I come out of the stereotype of the fireworks and flowers typical of the periods associated with the use of oil and pastel paints characteristic of the 1st and 2nd period.

I hope I found what I've been looking for over many years.

Thus, the different subject matter expresses my inspiration from many artists and the reproduction of the idea of their paintings, as well as the unforgettable moments of trips in recent years."

Photos by: Katya Lekova. @2024, All rights reserved
All photo and video materials belong to Katya Lekova and are used for demonstration purposes only. Any display and use of pictures of artworks must be done after written approval of the Artist
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